Friday, December 18, 2009

The first of a first

Blogging… I’m not going to lie, I don’t think I ever thought I would be blogging, but here I am. Why, you ask? Because I began my writing journey about eight months and I need an outlet. I tried talking to my hubby about it…and, well, that got me frustrated and aggravated at him, mainly because the only response I got from him was, “just put me on the cover, it’ll sell.” I then turned to my sister, who is my biggest fan, but can…maybe…be a little bias. So, after reading a few blogs, I decided that blogging could be a great way to get all the emotions that come with taking the plunge into the big, scary abyss that is… the publishing world.

Granted, this blog will probably only be gazed upon by my eyes, so it will be kinda like I’m talking to myself, but at least I’ll still be able to hold the title of sane.

Okay, first things first…how did this journey begin? Well, as a stay-at-home mom (which I absolutely love!) I needed something for myself; something that sets me apart from my mommy-role, but will still allow me to be a strong role model for my kids, especially my little girl. I’ve always loved to imagine different worlds and create unique characters, so one day I decided to have a little fun and put what was currently in my head on to paper. Little did I know that I would fall head over heels in love with writing. I love how the characters take me into different directions I never thought about; I love not having any boundaries in the fictional world, ANYTHING is possible; I love that I’m exercising and challenging my mind (which I had to pull out of a world full of Barney episodes and conversations about potting on the potty seat). I’m learning so much in my adventures out of my comfort zone.

So now I sit here, one novel completed and a few months into the intimidating world of querying. A once shy, timid mother of two is slowly becoming a confident woman, writing to big, bad agents in New York. Hopefully this blog will allow you to join me in this journey...and I can entertain you enough to STAY on that journey with me!

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