Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Snow Reminiscence

I love snow. I especially love waking up to a fresh blanket, before the world has a chance to touch it. Little, soft puffs slowly falling from the sky making everything brand new and fresh, like a clean slate.

As a kid, my family and I lived in the country (by country, I mean a half a mile to the mail box and the definition of neighbor was the next house across the field that took you at least good ten minutes of power walking to get to). We would wake up after a night of snow fall, the fields surrounding us would be a rolling blanket of white, and of course as kids the first thought was (well…first, check the news to see if school was canceled, but after the ‘first’ first thought) start the layering, we’re going out! Through all my excitement, I never wanted to be that first foot print that ruined nature’s perfection. So, I would let one of my siblings go ahead of me and take the first plunge. Until then, I just stared out the window, admiring God’s creative masterpiece.

As the day went on and the morning commuters passed, the beautiful white blanket would turn to ugly gray slush, the rolling white hills showed evidence of our outdoor fun, but I always made a point to save one small section undisturbed by our foot tracks. It made me feel accomplished that I was defending one part of God’s peaceful artwork, letting it just be.

Anyway, this was just a memory that popped in my head as I sit at my desk, staring at the snow fall thinking of my New Year’s resolutions for my next blog. It’s the perfect ending to another year passed, which reminds me of another resolution… time seems to go by so fast, take the time to stop and reminisce in the wonder that is ‘life’.

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