Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Book Trailer

I came across a very interesting contest, make a sixty second trailer for your book and win a three chapter ms critique. Since I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that my friends and relatives aren’t being brutally honest with me (I mean come on, like someone close to me is going to say, “It sucks, throw it out and start again”), I would be thrilled to have a third party critique my work and give me some pointers... and because putting together a video that enables others to see what you see in your head, is just awesome! So I sat down and began to ponder. Then I took the first step in making this trailer…I called my sister! (Oh come on, I can’t be great at EVERYTHING!) Seriously though, I’m not video savvy at all, so I gave her a rough vision in my head of what I wanted and she brought it to life (well, video, but you know what I mean) so without further adue, here is the unofficial trailer for my book, Daughter of the Ocean…

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  1. Oh and if it wasn't clear in the blog, special thanks to my wonderful sister, Brittany! She did a fantastic job on the trailer (above and beyond my vision) Thank you Brittany, love ya!


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