Monday, July 25, 2011

What inspires you?

What inspires you to pursue your dreams? It could be as simple as a whiff in the air, a smell that you can’t shake, brining you back to a place where anything is possible. It could be an inspirational movie or book, a song that describes it shockingly to the tee. A person’s story of successes, making you think if they can do it why can’t you? I have found inspiration in all of these at one point or another, but the one inspiration that has stuck, the one that has me pressing in and striving for gold is my children.

My sister picked up a wonderful tradition (one I hope continues) of creating short music videos of my children’s birthdays. This last one has pulled at more than one heart string. It’s of my little girl’s fifth birthday, clips of her enjoying her day with Brit Nicole’s Set the World on Fire as the music. If anyone has heard of that song, it in itself is an inspiration. But seeing my little girl so small, just barely starting her life, with the words ‘take my dreams, come and give them wings’ resonating around her, just aches at my heart. I want the world for her. I don’t want any limitations to touch her, all things are possible, all dreams are attainable. If you are a parent you fully understand this. You see them as a clean slate; ‘child-like faith’ is standing right in front of you. Wishing to have wings to fly is very much a realistic wish for her. To wake up one morning and find beautiful, glistening wings is expected. But how do we keep that in them? How do we teach them to hold on to that? Then it struck me. Like with anything else, we have to be examples, role models to them. If we want them to pursue their dreams, we have to pursue ours.
I’m not saying I want my daughter at my age to go to bed expecting to grow wings over night, but I want her to reach for more in her life than the one she’s comfortable with. Do the things you gotta do, take care of your responsibilities, but leave room to go after that one big dream you just can’t seem to shake. Dreams don’t die on their own, someone’s holding the knife I just hope it’s not you.

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