Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Snow Reminiscence

I love snow. I especially love waking up to a fresh blanket, before the world has a chance to touch it. Little, soft puffs slowly falling from the sky making everything brand new and fresh, like a clean slate.

As a kid, my family and I lived in the country (by country, I mean a half a mile to the mail box and the definition of neighbor was the next house across the field that took you at least good ten minutes of power walking to get to). We would wake up after a night of snow fall, the fields surrounding us would be a rolling blanket of white, and of course as kids the first thought was (well…first, check the news to see if school was canceled, but after the ‘first’ first thought) start the layering, we’re going out! Through all my excitement, I never wanted to be that first foot print that ruined nature’s perfection. So, I would let one of my siblings go ahead of me and take the first plunge. Until then, I just stared out the window, admiring God’s creative masterpiece.

As the day went on and the morning commuters passed, the beautiful white blanket would turn to ugly gray slush, the rolling white hills showed evidence of our outdoor fun, but I always made a point to save one small section undisturbed by our foot tracks. It made me feel accomplished that I was defending one part of God’s peaceful artwork, letting it just be.

Anyway, this was just a memory that popped in my head as I sit at my desk, staring at the snow fall thinking of my New Year’s resolutions for my next blog. It’s the perfect ending to another year passed, which reminds me of another resolution… time seems to go by so fast, take the time to stop and reminisce in the wonder that is ‘life’.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Ten simple steps to getting published!

In the beginning of this new journey it was almost laughable how clueless I was about the publishing process. I soon found that writing an entire novel was the easy part and a whole new world opened full of terms like query letters, synopsis, partials, fulls, literary agents….>head is spinning< , needless to say, a whole lot of research! I stumbled across quite a few of helpful blogs that eased my panic attacks, so I thought I would pass on the knowledge. So in a few simple (if there was a sarcastic button, I would push it…several times, right here!) here’s the process of getting published:

Step one:

A thought pops in your head that makes you stop and think, “what if that could happened and this person was there…and they said such’n such to this other person…and then so’n so happens…and then they say such’n such…and then they live happily ever after.

Step two:

Write that elaborate thought down and edit it… a lot.

Step three:

Think about what makes your idea unique and would make a random person want to read it, in no more than two or three paragraphs. Write it down in letter form , including the fabulous title you picked out and how many words you thought up to make this masterpiece. Sign it – Sincerely.

Step Four:

Now you have to figure out who to address it to, or in other words, who would be so interested in it that they would want to represent it for you (Because, believe me, you aren’t gonna want to fight the publishing houses to accept your unsolicited manuscript). So the research begins. I like these websites:,, to name a few. Find an agent within a literary agency that likes the kind of stuff in your manuscript.

Step Five:

Send your well polished query letter to them (no attachments) and wait…

Step Six:


Step Seven:

Wait…(you may notice by now that you are becoming more and more of an obsessive e-mail checker. It’s okay, it happens to the best of us!)

Step Eight:

You sign in to your hotmail/yahoo/whatever account and there is an unopened e-mail from a literary agency (Now I’m not going to lie, your heartbeat will start to feel a little erratic). Your shaky hand clicks and you find out they are interested in seeing more (hence a partial request). Send the requested material and repeat steps Six-Eight. Now they interested in more (hence a full request). Send that. Repeat step Six-Eight once more. Very exciting, they are so interested in your work they want to represent you!

Step Nine:

Begin the process of working with your agent to get your manuscript marketable.

Step Ten:

Sit back and let your agent basically repeat steps Four-Eight to find your manuscript a publisher to put your words into book form. All the while, telling yourself to relax and let your agent do their job but in reality jumping up and screaming, scaring whoever may be in the same room, every time the phone rings.

Now add a few rejections, a few shed tears, a few waves of panicked, sense of failures and you have the entire process of getting published in Ten simple steps!

Friday, December 18, 2009

The first of a first

Blogging… I’m not going to lie, I don’t think I ever thought I would be blogging, but here I am. Why, you ask? Because I began my writing journey about eight months and I need an outlet. I tried talking to my hubby about it…and, well, that got me frustrated and aggravated at him, mainly because the only response I got from him was, “just put me on the cover, it’ll sell.” I then turned to my sister, who is my biggest fan, but can…maybe…be a little bias. So, after reading a few blogs, I decided that blogging could be a great way to get all the emotions that come with taking the plunge into the big, scary abyss that is… the publishing world.

Granted, this blog will probably only be gazed upon by my eyes, so it will be kinda like I’m talking to myself, but at least I’ll still be able to hold the title of sane.

Okay, first things first…how did this journey begin? Well, as a stay-at-home mom (which I absolutely love!) I needed something for myself; something that sets me apart from my mommy-role, but will still allow me to be a strong role model for my kids, especially my little girl. I’ve always loved to imagine different worlds and create unique characters, so one day I decided to have a little fun and put what was currently in my head on to paper. Little did I know that I would fall head over heels in love with writing. I love how the characters take me into different directions I never thought about; I love not having any boundaries in the fictional world, ANYTHING is possible; I love that I’m exercising and challenging my mind (which I had to pull out of a world full of Barney episodes and conversations about potting on the potty seat). I’m learning so much in my adventures out of my comfort zone.

So now I sit here, one novel completed and a few months into the intimidating world of querying. A once shy, timid mother of two is slowly becoming a confident woman, writing to big, bad agents in New York. Hopefully this blog will allow you to join me in this journey...and I can entertain you enough to STAY on that journey with me!